Compton Education Association

Welcome to the web site of the Compton Education Association. CEA is a chapter of the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the National Education Association (NEA), and serves as the exclusive representative of certificated employees of the Compton Unified School District inclusive of teachers, counselors and school nurses.

The intent of our web site is twofold: first as a means for the Association to exchange timely information with our members, and second; to provide a link for CEA members to organizations whose policies and actions influence public education and the well-being of all public school employees.

As President of CEA, it is my hope that our membership finds this site useful not only to learn of policies and practices that effect public education in Compton, but also to add their voices to the debate on what constitutes quality education for all learners from Pre-K through Adult Education.

CEA President

Calendar of Events

August 15 Optional PD Day

August 16 Optional PD Day

August 17 First Day to Report Back
                    to Work
August 18 First Day of Instruction

September 1 First Pay Check
                       (No Voluntary Deductions)
September 5 Labor Day Holiday
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Here a short history of some key moments in CTA’s 150-year history: 1863 – Founded as California Education Society by John Swett, Superintendent of Public Instruction with less than 100, all male, members.

1866 – Legislative achievement passed for free public schools for all children in CA
1890 – CTA wins state Supreme Court ruling on “fair dismissal” law.
1911- At CTA urging, free textbooks are printed and distributed at the state’s expense.
1913 – CTA State Council calls for a statewide teacher pension system.
1927 – CTA wins a legal victory when the state Supreme Court rules that a school board cannot fire a female teacher for getting married.
1965 – CA Legislature passes the Toothless Winton Act, permitting school employees to “meet and confer” with employers about employment conditions.
1967 – CTA authorizes bilingual instruction classes for English Learners.
1968 – CTA adopts policy in support of collective bargaining.
1972 – CTA pushes collective bargaining bill through the Legislature. It is vetoed by Governor Ronald Reagan.
1975 – Legislature passes the CTA-sponsored Rodda Act, making K-14 school employees the first public employees in California to win collective bargaining rights.
1988 – CTA drafts and wins the passage of Proposition 98, which guarantees a minimum portion of state money to fund K-14 education.
1993 – CTA defeats Proposition 174, a school voucher  initiative.
2000 – CTA defeats Proposition 38, a second voucher initiative.
2005 – CTA leads a broad coalition to defeat Propositions 74, 75, and 76, which would have cut school funding, destroyed teachers’ due process rights, and silenced the voices of public employees. CTA also files a lawsuit against the state to get back all money owed to schools under Proposition 98.
2006 – CTA wins their lawsuit against the state and Proposition 98.
2012 – CTA plays an integral role in the passage of Proposition 30, giving schools much needed relief in funding that would have expired. Additionally, CTA and its members help defeat Proposition 32, which would have crippled the rights of all union employees